” I just received TopIt and tried it on my Yorkie Doodle for the first time today. The second I put his bowl down, filled with kibbles coated with TopIt, he devoured the content of the bowl! He seemed to enjoy the flavour of TopIt and didn’t stop eating until the bowl is empty. I gave him a refill and he finished that too. Overall it’s a great product made with natural ingredients and no added preservatives. I would recommend it to all dog owners 100%.” -Kathy T

“My husky can be a picky eater ( husky hunger strike) – I don’t concede and give him human food so this product is a good compromise! Delicious ( his words) and healthy – I think these are worth every squeeze. I’d recommend this booster as an incentive. I can’t speak directly to the nutritional value. He was already active and in good shape – I didn’t see a significant observable difference in his output but I can appreciate it as a healthy alternative to toppers..” -Audrey

” I have a shiba inu who has grown increasingly less interested in her vet-recommended kibble (Orijen) as she gets older. It’s also very difficult to get her to try something new. She went crazy for the flavour and ate all of her kibble way faster than normal. Happy that she’s getting a nutritional boost at the same time I make my smoothie every morning. One pouch lasts a few servings for her, so the lid makes it easy to seal it back up and put it in the door of the fridge..” -Mitchell

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